Kunal 👨🏼‍💻

A seasoned full stack software engineer and a JS Ninja ⚔️ with a experience of 4+ years, crafting tech solutions for various problems and building amazing open source products. Very passionate about System Design, Architecture and DevOps. I constantly keep improving myself in my areas of interests by self-learning and learning from people around me.

My experience is vastly distributed across technologies, such as React, Docker, Kubernetes, NodeJS, Angular 7, Ionic 4, Electron, Vue.js, Express, MongoDB, Redis and many AWS products such as ElasticSearch, ElastiCache, Kinesis, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, RDS, API Gateway, EKS, ECS etc. I focus on delivering scalable and maintainable software solutions while being Agile.

Have an idea? Want to collabrate? Ping me at hello@kunalpanchal.in

Work 💼

  • SitAby - A IoT based posture proctor. Patent: 3648/DEL/2015. Infymakers Award winner India.
  • Terribly Tiny Tales Social Network - A full-fleged social network for writers.
  • Outgrow.co - A New Marketing Toolkit. Interactive Calculators and Quizzes.
  • upGrad.com - Working on the marketing platform.
  • Disguised Encrypter - AES256 files encrypter for android, disguised as a calculator.
  • Culture Inshorts - is a series of short articles reader app.
  • India Design ID 2019 - Country’s best luxury design week, event application.
  • Play This - A PWA that lets you create a club and let people control your playlist.
  • Tic Toe - Not a usual Tic Tac Toe game.
  • Onob - A android app controlled IoT based knob to control your stove.
  • Terribly Tiny Tales Video Maker - A convestation chat maker for TTT.
  • tDing - Netflix for chat based stories (unreleased).

Open-source projects

  • Shaai.js - A pluggable blogging framework
  • secure-env - NPM that encrypts and protects your process.env
  • react-s3-image-gallery - A react gallery component with support for uploading images to S3
  • relevant-bookmarks - A Chrome extension that gives you a list of relevant bookmarks specific to the URL you are in.
  • Lanuks - A customized linux distro for the PWAs of tomorrow (WIP)

Other open source scripts and WIP products are available on my GitHub.

Work timelines